Carlton and Kobie are both '01 graduates of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduation, Carlton went on to attend John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois and Kobie pursued a career as a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley in Sacramento, California. 

In 2008, they began working together as entrepreneurs in West Africa where they lived full-time for 16 years collectively. In their global travels to Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, they noticed how much Black American culture was copied and celebrated world wide. Everywhere they went, they were surprised to see how much they were praised and revered as high status symbols for simply being Black Americans. 

As the years passed while living abroad, the duo began to realize just how much they missed America in general and Black American people in particular. The experience of being away from America for over a decade allowed them to reflect deeply on their identities. Africans only referred to them as Black-Americans and put so much respect and value on that name that the idea for a new company was born. 

Our company is an ethnic identity clothing brand that inspires Black American people to love their culture and love their country. 

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